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Adult Autism
Resource Guide

Family members and caregivers of autistic adults are too often overlooked in terms of their lifelong need for information and services as they help their loved one navigate adult life. With the support of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, graduate fellows at Rutgers School of Social Work have developed a list of resources pertinent to adult autism that is designed to address the need for information and services. The ongoing goal of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Adult Autism Resource Guide is to provide a community service that enhances access, in a user-friendly format, of the complex informational system. 

This database consists of 150+ agencies and services throughout New Jersey and the United States searchable by location, as well as service type (e.g., housing, support groups, recreational activities, etc.). If you have an additional resource applicable to adults with autism over the age of 18, please contact the Rutgers School of Social Work Office of Field Education to provide details. 

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The resources provided herein are not recommended, endorsed or supported by The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation or Rutgers School of Social Work and are provided for information purposes only. If a resource is pursued by an individual or entity it is at the sole discretion and liability of the user.  Neither The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation or Rutgers University are responsible for any errors or omissions herein.